Football Training for Children

Our training is an exciting and challenging programme designed for children aiming to master not only the art of ball control and attacking but also a total development of footwork skills.

Your child will have the exclusive attention of our coaches, which offers an incredible opportunity to increase his performance by receiving detailed training points. In addition, our coaches can quickly correct mistakes in the execution of techniques and teach them new skills, so that your child can refine their football abilities.

We strive to make every child that comes into our programmer… Faster! Better! Stronger! And also have fun!

Club Consulting

We provide you with professional and comprehensive expertise across various fields of football, always catering to your needs. If your team or players want to improve, we assure you Pro Brazil Football Academy is the best choice. Private sessions can be booked and done with our coaches who will design an exclusive programme for you, as a player or team, according to what they see from your matches and what you wish to achieve.
This is a detailed programme based on years of professional experience that can be delivered in one or more sessions.

Our Football Academy has skilled and experienced football coaches with professional background as football players in Brazil. It provides equal opportunity for all players to develop their individual skills through our programmes, keeping them focused on the repetitive training routine and sport ethics, which are essential to shape athletes. Most importantly, we help them nourish passion for football so they can play with the best of their abilities each time they go to the field.

One to One Football Coach

Introverted children can benefit from individual coaching sessions before starting group sessions, as we understand that starting a new sport can be overwhelming for some shy children. That way, they will have contact with the basic elements of football until they feel confident to have group sessions. Or they can even have individual and group sessions in parallel.