Pro Brazil Football Academy is dedicated to teaching authentic Brazilian football. We are a passionate team of world-class Brazilian professionals who provide unparalleled training to players of all levels.

Every child who comes to practice football with us may become a potential star. Our goal is not only to develop competitive football players but also help them unlock their full. The skills and abilities they learns at Pro Brazil Football they will carry on for the rest of their lives.


The Brazilian talent is in Ireland. Let’s play like the Brazilians do!


Provide world-class football training for all children and the opportunity to play football at the highest level in a safe and supportive environment that encourages the development of football skills, a passion for the sport and core values to help them create a successful and respected career.


To be a model football academy in Ireland, with a long-term plan for existence and community service.


Continue to serve our members, with a loving and cheerful spirit and care for everyone in the football community.


Inspire, educate and develop the individual through our Brazilian-coaching style. Our unique training programme, along with methods developed in Brazil, enable children of all ages to quickly learn to control the ball, build up skills and grow in confidence.



Fred Willian

Fred has been involved in the creation and delivery of the Pro Brazil Academy programme. He started his coaching career in 2015 after playing football as a professional player for over 10 years across relevant clubs in Brazil, Paraguay and Ireland. Since He has been Head Coach for Ouroeste FC in Brazil (2015-2016), he has served as a volunteer for Home Farm FC, has also provided consulting on trainings for Clontarf FC in Ireland (2018-2019) and MTFA/MTFC in Pakistan (2019), and as a children’s coach for Pro Brazil Academy. He holds relevant courses from the Brazilian Association of Soccer Coaches, recognized by CBF-FIFA. Fred William is an experienced football player and a passionate football coach who excels at teaching the fundamentals of football for both children and young people. Outstanding communication and motivational skills both on and off the field.

Andro Cruz

Andro is a passionate and enthusiastic football coach with almost 2 years of experience as a child coach and more than 7 years of experience as a professional football player. As a professional football player, Andro worked for relevant clubs such as VOLTA REDONDA (2013) J.MALUCELLI (2014-2015), ANAPOLINA (2016-2017) among others, in Brazil. He has provided training consultancy for Clontarf FC in Ireland (2018-2019), where he has developed physical conditioning programmes that enabled athletes to achieve maximum performance. As a child coach at the Pro Brazil Academy, since 2019, Andro develops training for children and supports several children by encouraging good sportsmanship. He holds relevant courses from the Brazilian Association of Soccer Coaches and the Syndicate of Players and Coaches from São Paulo.

Danilo Natale

Danilo is an experienced children’s football coach who has dedicated over 10 years of his life teaching children between the ages of 4 and 16 across Brazil, China and Ireland, from the fundamentals of football, to physical and mental development. He managed teams of nearly 30 kids and ensured everyone was having a good time and playing safely. In addition to that, Danilo has organized and produced football events such as weekends tournaments, special dates, cups, leagues and festivals. He holds a certification in Physical Education and Sports and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Training. He is good at encouraging players and students to always strive for the greatest achievements. He is proficient in working with parents and addressing any concerns they may have about gameplay.



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